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Our Mission:  Driving community action towards a healthy, resilient and regenerative Russian River watershed.
Our Vision:  A Russian River watershed that is healthy, vibrant, accessible and is the economic, environmental, recreational and spiritual heart of the region.

from what is, to what could be...

The time has come for a generational shift in restoring, renewing, and celebrating the future of the Russian River watershed.  From headwaters to ocean, we depend upon this river system, our most pivotal of our Natural Resources, for the water we drink, the food we eat and the beauty that surrounds us.  The only way to ensure a healthy future for our environment, our economy, and our community is through committing to the regeneration of our river and watershed.  Put simply, sustainability is not enough.  We must support a thriving ecosystem, not one that merely survives, and the only way to achieve such impact is to synthesize our resources, our passions, and our intentional actions into collective results.

This is our moment in time to create a confluence!

Russian River watershed

Russian River watershed